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Your all in one studio




We offer LIVE classes in Lambada, Brazilian Zouk, as well as other movement classes to enhance your dance journey and learning.

Check our live classes schedule for the later cycle, and for those who would like to train at their own time you can check out our Zenzouk video library memberships  with over 15 courses prerecorded for all different level and styles

New cycle: Nov 8th - December 1st

About our LIVE  Studio

We love the opportunity to offer live classes as we get to experience real-time training together 

from the comfort of your own home with the energy and commitment of in-person classes. 

Accountability is key for learning

We are excited to be part of your journey and dance by your side supporting your time and commitment.


Why Live classes with ZZonline?

  • Accountability- we will dance every step of the way

  • Q & A opportunities in class and after class

  • Unlimited Video recording for 30 days to review the class anytime

  • Warm up in every class to support mobility and rage of motion trough your week

  • Movement Community  

Looking forward to dancing with you in any of our LIVE classes
Get your your flexicard and register for the classes and 30 days video review if you cant make it. 


I am ready for my flexicard
About the instructors



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