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We believe in live classes as we get to experience real-time training together 

from the comfort of your own home with the energy and commitment of in-person classes. 

We like to be part of your journey and dance by your side. Looking forward to seeing you in any of our live classes.


🌀All of our Courses are 4 Weeks series of ZenZouk, Brazilian Zouk, and Lambada Courses.

🌀You can purchase various passes that we offered and all will allow you to rewatch the recorded class videos for 30 days after the class.
🌀Please click on the individual course page links below to see each course's description.

✨RYEL classes ✨Current  Courses: 4 weeks Courses

Current Courses:


✨Brazilian Zouk Course: Head movements Fundamentals ( Side, cross, diagonal steps)

✨Lambada Course: WIFI season 1 combination + Q&A+ 6 hour of pre-recorded videos 

✨Lambada Course: Leaders Focus 

✨Zenzouk Lines Course: Classical Ballet Fundamental Focus

✨Lambada HAPPY HOUR ( on the quick) NEW!!!! 

✨Zenzouk Come to you Zenses-Body, Mind and Spirit practice NEW!!!!!



By registering you are being signed up for the entire 4 week Course.

If you would like to cancel any of the reservations  we can help, please email us at

in the following format


🦄THE UNICORN (JESSICA) CLASSES🦄Current 4 Week Courses:
Passes  can be purchased at -  

🦄Self Care Sun-daze : Donation Based




PILATES ALIGNMENT CLASSES (Monthly) ZenZouk Students Receive Discount

⚛️Pilates Core Fusion 

⚛️Postural Alignment and Stretch

⚛️Pilates Barre (Chair) Fusion

Passes can be purchased at -




Pre-recorded classes are best suited for those that can not take the live classes but would like to learn on their own time.  Classes are taught in a progressive way so that you can learn effectively and efficiently. Videos are available for 45 days once you purchase the pass.  

*⚠️If you purchased any pre-recorded videos please allow a couple hours for them to become active. 

Unless you have purchase the UNLIMITED CLASS CARD

 you will be able to access them when you log into punch pass under Library of content on your account⚠️

Flexi Class Card.png

5 Classes

-You  can register for any of Ryel's Live classes

-Class recording for 30 days to review


Zenzouk video library sale 2.png

30 days Unlimited 


-This pass will grant you access to more than 12 courses fro 30 days 

- Over 50+ full-length classes

$ 100

Zenzouk World pass.png

30 days Unlimited 

All LIVE classes + Video Library

-Unlimited Live classes for 30 days


-This pass will grant you access to more than 12 courses fro 30 days 

- Over 50+ full-length classes


May flyers_87231_1620082336_6e5f9.png


12 - 15 classes per month

$45 + fee a month (includes 12 - 15 classes per month)


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