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Zenzouk Online- Live classes updates

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Aloha virtual fam!

Our New cycle nov 8th- Dec 1st has started- a whole exploration In movement and groove. is never to late to join. First Class available in video to catch up


7pm zenzouk move: floor work conditioning for head movement.

8:30pm Brazilian Zouk : leader musicality

I had a blast sharing some fun tools to Unlock the internal

groove. More to come!!!


7pm - zenzouk lines- contemporary meets Lambada.

It is so much fun to blend these two world in a sweet and spicy cocktail every Wednesday. New routine - let’s play!!!

if you can’t make our live classes, no worries, you can register for the class aMs receive the videos right after class for 30 days to review and play.


Have you visit our new zenzouk video library with more than 15 courses available on demand for you. Memberships available as well as private session, Check it out-

see you soon :) 🤙

Dennis Iyo


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