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Zoom Postural Alignment & stretch class  (40 Minutes) -

Fundamentals  NO SWEAT

When: July 6th ( I will be away in August 1 Week)

⚛️Thursdays 6:00 PM -

Zoom Pilates Barre (Chair) Fusion class(60 min) - Cardio & Strength  Every Other Week

When: July 6th ( I will be away in August 1 Week)

⚛️Thursdays 6:00 PM -

Zoom Pilates Core Fusion (60 min)  Every Other week  When: July 6th - September 9th ( I will be away in August 1 week)

⚛️PRICE flexible based on you vacations

Thursday Classes Only = Any 5 Sessions (July 6th - September 9th = $29.

Thursday Classes Only = Any 8 Sessions (July 6th - September 9th) $39

Tuesday Classes Only = Any 5 Sessions (July 6th - September 9th = $29.

Tuesday Classes Only = Any 8 Sessions (July 6th - September 9th) $39

BEST DEAL! Both Tuesday And Thursday Classes (July 6th - September 9th) 4 X2 Classes a month 16 Sessions and includes 1 Postural Alignment session a month = $39 A month = $80

PILATES ALIGNMENT CLASSES (Monthly) ZenZouk Students Receive Discount

⚛️Pilates Core Fusion 

⚛️Postural Alignment and Stretch

⚛️Pilates Barre (Chair) Fusion

⚛️Pilates Core Fusion

Pilates Core Fusion - A Fusion inspired workout targeting hips, buns, glutes, legs, and more. The class will be infused with journey like music going from peaceful zen to both some cardio hits and a sculpting and balance focus. Getting the DJ Hookup! A Pilates Ring will be used and a Pilates Ball provided by yours truly. These props are the best and you will see why!! The best part is you get to take these props with you when you go home to use and will have an option to purchase at the end or simply just give them back to me. Please bring weights and an extra mat! You will leave this workout inspired, aligned, tightened, and lengthened discovering a more balanced body! This class If you are at the computer all the time during the week and is the perfect mix to break up the body and mental rut!! Can not wait to workout with you. I will be available after class if you would like to talk about alignment work. 

⚛️Postural Alignment and Stretch

Postural alignment is the composite of the positions of all the joints and limbs of the body at any given moment. Optimal postural alignment is a prerequisite for optimal movement function. If you are sitting at a desk all day, are concerned about poor posture and the negative effects it will have on your body, then this is a class for you. This class will realign your spine to fix your posture and activate muscles to bring you back to balance, negate any postural deviations and help to relieve back pain. The basis of Postural Alignment will be coming mostly from the Egoscue Method and Pilates Techniques which are all evidence based. This class is for beginners and is a good break between the stress of work as you will walk away feeling aligned and refreshed to return to work right away. Note: Non-Sweat so you can return to work or activity but feel super aligned and all muscles will be activated for integrated function and prep for other classes. Focus: Postural Alignment | Equipment Pillow and Belt or Yoga Strap

⚛️Pilates Barre (Chair) Fusion

Pilates Chair Fusion is a blend of cardio, strength training, and high energy workouts. This class is designed to get you a great physique, tone and lengthen your muscles without the bulk, gain flexibility, and getting your heart rate up. This class will definitely get you out of a slump during the cold winter months and prep you for a more challenging and dynamic Pilates workout you’ve ever experienced. Focus: Cardio and Strength| Optional Equipment: Mat, Ball or Stuffed Animal or Weights or Cans, but you do not need equipment

📌FAQ for ZOOM?

1) Can I attend all classes during the week. Yes you can attend all classes which are intended to fully sculpt your body to the fullest! Each program has a designed focus and each are layered and integrated. ALL AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!!

2). If I want to purchase equipment will you have any available? Depending upon inventory I may have equipment.

3). How do I setup Zoom? Download the zoom link app here: It is free and you can create an account. if you are having trouble please feel free to message me and i can help.

4). How can you see me when i work out? I would like the camera turned on so that everyone can be part of the group and we can feel as close as a community together and I can also keep you going and accountable!!

5). Are there any refunds? All sales are final :)

6). How can I access the Zoom Link? The Zoom Link will be sent to you before class :)

7) Will classes be recorded. I will be sending out two recordings per month, yet would love for you to be at the classes so we can all keep on track and still feel good about moving especially this winter!!!


I am available for Private Reformer Classes for Singles, or Duets with Same family members by Appointment Only in a LARGE CLEAN, COVID COMPLIANCE ENVIRONMENT- Pilates Center of NJ at North American Spine and Pain Center.

Xoxoxox Leslie Tee!!

You are only as young as your Spine :)

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