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Elemental Embodiment



✨Magic happens when we allow ourselves to face our obstacles and dance them out, This is the type of magic we find in each experience.  


With the endless hues and shades of tones within your dancing, we want to invite you to the 4th edition of  

Zenzouk E3- Elemental Embodiment Experience with our beautiful  EVELYN MAGYARI and Dj WasabhiDiscover the secret mysteries of the elements within ourselves and join us in this fun colorful ride. Every time is a new journey in this practice-We can wait to have you part of this beautiful voyage.Zenzouk  E3- weekender is a unique experience that combines mindfulness, movement, and imagination with a hint of technology- Provide a safe space in your own space, to release your inner exploration of the natural elements within you, and how each one of the elements will enhance your solo dance practice and creativity. The weekend will consist of two days of  4 hours of classes each day


  • Warm-ups

  • Mediations

  • Experiential shares

  • Lots of Solo explorations

  • Finishing with a virtual Social with DJ WASABHI 🇨🇦 on Sunday-
    Space is limited to 30 attendees to create a more personal experience.


⏰SCHEDULE⏰April 24th-25thSATURDAY2:00 - 7:00 pm NYC time

SUNDAY2:00 -  7:00 pm NYC time


7:00 -9:00 🌈Elemental World 🌈 with Dj WasabiLooking forward to dancing with you on the other side of our virtual rainbow

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